The Laboratory of Environmental Engineering and Management provides specialized technical and consultancy services to public and private bodies, enterprises, industries and individuals both in Greece and abroad in the field of water and wastewater science. LEEM represents a unique specialized body in Greece that offers integrated studies for the design, construction and operation of wastewater treatment facilities using ecological technologies such as Constructed Wetlands. In more detail, LEEM provides the following services:


Quality characterization of water and wastewater

  • Carrying out sampling campaigns in natural surface water, wastewater from treatment plants, industrial facilities, hotels and resorts, settlements and communities of all sizes, agro-industries, sludge and soils, etc.
  • Research and field measurements in rivers, lakes, wetlands, and coastal ecosystems
  • Determination of various physicochemical parameters: BOD, COD, Total Nitrogen, Ammonia Nitrogen, Nitrate, Nitrite, Total Phosphorous, Orthophosphate, pH, Electrical Conductivity, Redox potential, Dissolved Oxygen, Total Solids, Suspended Solids, Total Dissolved Solids, Anions/Cations, Heavy Metals, Various micropollutants, Pathogenic microorganisms

Pilot units for wastewater treatment for research and optimization

Development, design, operation and monitoring of pilot-scale units for wastewater treatment using different technologies in order to

  • generate new knowledge and know-how,
  • optimize construction and operation parameters,
  • study new designs for improved higher performance,
  • design modifications and adaptation to different operation conditions and applications, e.g., specific industrial applications/effluents
  • study of new sustainable synthetic materials for use in environmental applications

Techno-economic studies of Constructed Wetlands for wastewater management

The LEEM studies and carries out integrated studies for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of wastewater treatment facilities using the green technology of Constructed Wetlands. Such studies can be carried out for

  • Municipal wastewater from municipalities & municipal enterprises for water supply and sewerage,
  • Industrial units (e.g., pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, oil and gas industry, refineries, food industry, pulp and paper industry, etc.)
  • Tourist facilities, hotels, resorts, etc.,
  • Agro-industrial units (e.g., olive mills, livestock farms, dairy farms, wineries, etc.),
  • Landfill leachate,
  • Urban and surface runoff,
  • Mine drainage,
  • Sludge dewatering,
  • Management and restoration of ecosystems

Moreover, the LEEM conducts research and prepares studies in ecological agriculture and livestock with emphasis on the prevention, reduction and control of pollution from agricultural activities, as well as studies of environmental impacts and technical, economic and social studies with emphasis on the impact of human activities, environmental changes or natural disasters on ecosystems and human society.

Studies on the application of circular economy solutions in waste management

The LEEM suggests and studies integrated solutions for the management of treated effluents, sludges, organic waste in the frame of a circular economy for the smart, sustainable and beneficial exploitation of waste:

  • Reuse of treated wastewater for irrigation
    • traditional agriculture
    • alternative cultures of bio-economy such as biofuels
    • innovative hydroponic units for the production of vegetables and fodder
  • Reuse of stabilized sludge in agriculture
  • Composting of organic and green waste
  • Integrated water and wastewater resources management in the urban environment with emphasis on the use of nature-based solutions

Participation in research projects

LEEM participates as partner and/or coordinator in national and international scientific research projects and always seeks further collaboration with academic institutions, public organizations and enterprises in Greece and abroad.

Organization and implementation of educational programs

LEEM creates, promotes and participates in new educational programs in emerging areas of learning and specialization of Environmental Engineering, independently and/or in collaboration with institutions in Greece and abroad. LEEM also offers continuing education, training and lifelong learning services, while participating in interdepartmental or inter-university educational activities.

Organization of networking and communication activities

LEEM participates in and promotes scientific activities on the collaboration and knowledge exchange through the organization of workshops, symposia, conferences, etc.